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My name is Chrissy, I am a university qualified nutritionist with a holistic approach that is founded in scientific evidence.

I specialise in optimising gut health, correcting nutrient deficiencies, gentle detoxification, using nutrients as medicine, improving immune health, energy and much more!

A unique plan is devised for each individual’s health goals, to help you shift from surviving to thriving.

I am so happy you are here, it would be an honour to help support you with your health goals.

Chrissy Harada Qualified Holistic Nutritionist Noosa

Who I’ve Worked With

Special Interests as a Holistic Nutritionist

    • Using nutrients as medicine – it is amazing what issues can be resolved when vitamins and minerals are personalised to your unique needs.
    • Correcting micronutrient deficiencies – is foundational to optimising health and wellbeing. Unfortunately most have at least 1 deficiency and multiple nutrients at sub-optimal levels – even with a nutrient dense diet if there are absorption issues, gut imbalances, low stomach acid, heavy metal toxicity etc.
    • Food intolerances – helping you find out which foods are causing your issues and eliminating symptoms
    • Gut health – correcting and optimising our gut health can have a profound effect on our health. Tests are available to determine which probiotics are required for you and the superfoods according to your epigenetic profile.
    • Healthspan & longevity – there are so many ways to optimise our health span and fight the signs of aging with nutrients.
    • Healthy weight management – tailored plans in accordance to your goals and preferences.


Your Health

Do you feel like you are making all the right choices but still don’t feel great? Have you been told your labs are normal but you know something is off? There are many underlying causes that might be getting in the way of better health & vitality, lets get to the bottom of it! When you work with me, your health is my priority.

It is my mission to help others improve their health and wellbeing with a plan specifically devised for you. Although I am based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast for 1:1 consultations, I also offer online consultations world-wide. Contact me or book an appointment today

My Philosophy

Personalised nutrition, a healthy microbiome, correcting nutrient deficiencies & imbalances are the cornerstones of optimal health & vitality.

Do you suffer from unexplained:

Mood Issues

Weight Gain




Brain Fog

I Can Help, Contact Me Today

A range of tests are available to pinpoint deficiencies, intolerances and gut health imbalances and more to find the root cause.

    • Is it naughty microbes causing havoc?
    • Or heavy metals such as mercury?
    • It could be a food intolerance?
    • Or numerous vitamin and mineral deficiencies or imbalances?
    • Poor absorption?
    • Low stomach acid?
    • Candida?
    • Or parasites? They are much more common than most think.
    • And the list goes on.

When we test instead of guess this can save time and the hassle of making continual adjustments and trying new things.

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