Nutritional Therapy & Gut Health Specialist

Improving gut health

Gut health is the foundation of not only digestive health but hormone, skin, energy, mental health, immune health and more. Most disease and health problems begin in the gut – this has now been established by thousands of research papers!

Taking a detailed client history and using the latest microbiome testing provides the information to create a personalised plan to get your gut health back on track.


Correcting nutrient deficiencies

Tests continually shows that people who aren’t feeling their best have a number of micronutrient deficiencies and imbalances. I use HTMA hair analysis tests which measure your nutrient levels in hair tissue. This is the most effective and simplest way to provide months of history of your nutritional status. Blood only provides an overview of what is in your blood stream from what you recently ate. Minerals such as magnesium and selenium get desposited in tissues.


Increase energy & vitality

Optimising your nutrition is an effective way to improve digestion and gut health, reduce inflammation, and optimize the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Improving these will in turn improve your energy levels and vitality. 


Personalised health plans

Nutrition should be personalised because it is dependent on your mineral and vitamin levels, symptoms, unique microbiome, goals, lifestyle and food preferences etc.


Functional testing

Functional testing is available for nutrient deficiencies, heavy metals, and microbiome analysis to tailor a personalised plan for your unique needs.

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By nutritionist Chrissy

Chrissy is a university qualified nutritionist who graduated with honours at La Trobe University in Melbourne. One of her favourite hobbies is to read the scientific literature on how to optimise health. When she’s not reading, writing or working she’s with her 3 children outdoors, practicing yoga, jogging or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Chrissy has overcome some debilitating chronic health issues (low mood, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, very bad acne to name a few) with the power of nutrients and correcting gut health, at 39 she now feels better than she did in her 20’s.