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Hi, my name is Chrissy, I am a university qualified nutritionist on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in journalism, PR and culture and love to delve deep into the scientific research on how to optimise health.

I am so passionate about helping others improve their health and wellbeing after recovering from decades of below average health. I thought I was doing all the right things, living an ordinary life, but in my 20’s I hit the rock bottom. Sometimes hitting rock bottom can actually turn out to be a blessing. Fortunately, I’ve gone from feeling sick with no energy in my 20’s to 40 with 3 kids and never felt better.  

My philosophy is that personalised nutrition, a healthy microbiome, correcting nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, along with reducing toxic load are the foundations of healthy longevity.


As a holistic nutritionist I specialise in:

    • Correcting mineral insufficiencies, deficiencies, and imbalances with HTMA tests. HTMA aka hair tissue mineral analysis measures zinc, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, boron, selenium, magnesium and other important minerals. Mineral are the spark plugs of life. Our micronutrient status can give a surprising amount of insight into our health status including, adrenal health, gut function, signs of underlying infections, metabolism, hormones and more. These tests also provide insight into heavy metal accumulation deposited in tissues such as mercury, lead and aluminium.
    • Improving gut health and digestive issues – Hippocrates was right thousands of years ago, all disease begins in the gut. Microbiome testing is available, you can find out more about the test I recommend here.
    • Women’s hormones & the significant effect nutrients and dietary changes can have on thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones.
    • Lowering high insulin levels & coaching for weight and fitness goals
    • The impact nutrition and supplements have on optimal ageing & longevity
    • Postnatal depletion – the creation of a tiny human can significantly affect nutrient stores and cause a host of issues, from brain fog, fatigue, low mood and more.
    • Optimising immune health & resilience
    • Improving energy and stress levels
    • Food intolerances, anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense diet/s.


Tests I specialise in include:

    • Micronutrient & heavy metal testing
    • Microbiome gut health testing
    • Food intolerance tests


Why choose me?

My passion is to empower people to make healthier choices and live life to its fullest potential. When we are healthy, we feel better, more positive, energetic and motivated to achieve our goals and live our dreams. I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best, unfortunately this is not the case for the majority of people today.

I work like methodically detective to find out what is causing your symptoms. Everyone is biologically individual and there can be multiple root causes for the same issue. That is why you will often find me trawling through the scientific literature and writing articles about what I have learnt.

People often excuse their symptoms as a result of ageing, I am here to tell you that there are many causes that are related to nutrition and can be prevented or controlled.

I offer nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals, personalised meal plans and recipes tailored to your needs.


My journey to becoming a holistic nutritionist

I ended up here after getting really run down, anxious, stressed, lethargic and feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. In my early to mid 20’s I really started noticing annoying, uncomfortable symptoms becoming louder and they started to affect the quality of my life. I’d always had bad skin but the acne started getting a lot worse. I lost motivation due to having debilitating fatigue and my memory was terrible. One of my clearest memories was when I was driving to work one morning and feelings of panic arose out of no where, to the point where it was affecting my breathing. It was at this point I knew something was seriously wrong.

After multiple doctors appointments, the only solution I was offered was antidepressants. I tried them for a day and they made me feel so incredibly strange I immediately discontinued them. Then I tried going to a psychologist, a hypnotist, a naturopath and an accupuncturist without much luck. It was then, I finally realized that I had to step up and find out how to fix myself.  I refused to accept that there was nothing I could do except take a pill to mask my symptoms. I knew it wasn’t all in my head and I definitely wasn’t prepared to accept this as my fate.

For me, it was a combination of things that lead me down this challenging path, I was diagnosed with Ross River virus, Epstein bar virus / glandular fever and later multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies and poor gut health. My toxic load was high due to extremely poor digestion and gut health, terrible diet and binge drinking alcohol. I had countless rounds of antibiotics which ruined my gut, lived in a mouldy bedroom for years and was exposed to mercury in a broken thermometer.

Fortunately, there are silver linings in every cloud. Unfortunately, it took many years of trial and error of experimenting, guessing and trying to get better. 


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I offer 1:1 consultations as well as package deals from my clinic in Noosa and via phone and zoom worldwide (excluding the USA due to insurance).


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By nutritionist Chrissy

Chrissy is a university qualified nutritionist who graduated with honours at La Trobe University in Melbourne. One of her favourite hobbies is to read the scientific literature on how to optimise health. When she’s not reading, writing or working she’s with her 3 children outdoors, practicing yoga, jogging or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Chrissy has overcome some debilitating chronic health issues (low mood, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, very bad acne to name a few) with the power of nutrients and correcting gut health, at 39 she now feels better than she did in her 20’s.