There is a significant amount of peer reviewed studies proving that omega-3 is good for a variety of health outcomes. The below outlines the most impressive benefits of consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Sources of Omega-3

The best sources of omega-3 is from wild caught low mercury fatty fish such as salmon, trout, sardines, anchovies & mackerel. Cod liver and oysters are also great sources of omega 3. Vegan sources include chia seeds, hemp, flax seeds, walnuts and supplements derived from algae.

Increase in health span & longevity

Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation was found to increase lifespan by an incredible 5 years in comparision to a placebo group. This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2021 and tracked 2,240 participants with an average age of 65 over 11 years.

Omega-3 & Pregnancy

It is particularly important for pregnant women to incorporate into their diet as well as vegans as research shows they commonly have an inadequate intake. Omega 3 and DHA found in fish and seafood is a critical nutrient to ensure pregnant women have a healthy baby.

In Australia many pregnant women are not obtaining enough to meet the recommended requirements. This may be due to the conflicting information of fish being both beneficial as well as harmful due to mercury contamination.

DHA is essential for ‘normal brain growth and cognitive development’ (Braarud et al., 2018), “helps prevent preterm and low birth weight” (Troxell et al., 2005), and is “critical to foetal and infant central nervous system” (Middleton et al., 2018). Children with low birth weight have been found to have more health issues and developmental problems.

The burden on the healthcare system is significant due to the ongoing health issues these babies will have over their lifespan. The estimated healthcare costs in the USA in 2005 for children with low birth weight alone are estimated to be between $5.5 and $6 billion more than children of a normal birth weight (Troxell et al., 2005).

Omega 3 & Heart Health

A study conducted in 2013 in journal Atherosclerosis Supplements found that overall omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial long for most people who suffer from Cardiovascular health issues. The most significant beneficial findings of this meta-analysis were a 32% reduction “of cardiac death”, a 33% reduction in “sudden death”, and a 25% reduction in “myocardial infarction” for those administered omega-3 fatty acids (Casula, M., Soranna, D., Catapano, A.L. & Corrao, 2013).


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By nutritionist Chrissy